RETOUCH PRO V4S Panel Setup & Activation Guide | SADESIGN

Instructions for installing and using SADESIGN RETOUCH PRO V4S are detailed from A to Z. Please watch the entire video and follow each step (Step 1 to step 7) Note not to miss any step. Thankyou!

1.Installation Instructions V4S

Step 1: Download the installer SADESIGN RETOUCH PANEL: Unzip password: 123456

Windows: DOWNLOAD  


NOTE: Panel only runs on Photoshop CC 2018 to CC 2022 (Win & Mac Os, Mac M1, Mac M2)

Watch VIDEO Installation Instructions Windowns: Unzip password: 123456

Instructions for Installing SADESIGN PANEL On MAC OS:

Watch the Panel installation video on Mac OS: (Mac M1 and M2 when installing the panel, you won’t see the Extensions section, please see Fix the error here: Watch Now

Installation: right-click and select OPEN to start

2.Copyright Activation Instructions

Step 1: Click the Start Trial  button → enter your email for a free 30-day trial

Step 2: If you have BUY PANEL KEY, enter the KEY then press the Activate button

3.Instructions for adding resource DATA to Panel V4S  See Instructions Here

4. Download Stock Practice: DOWNLOAD NOW

5. Detailed instruction video of Sadesign Panel:WATCH NOW

6. Customer Support SADESIGN 24/7

👉 TEAM supports installing SADESIGN PANEL for free:


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